Trendy Versus Traditional: Providence Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Trendy Versus Traditional: Providence Kitchen Remodeling Tips

upgrade outdated kitchen in providenceThe success of doing anything in life is to find a happy medium. That perfect place right in the middle where you get the best of both worlds without going too far in one direction or the other. However, when it comes to home decor, there are certain things that you should consider with regard to style. You would not want to use brightly-colored Scandinavian-style minimalistic cabinetry in the kitchen of a classic Cape Cod or a hundred-year-old vintage home. On the other hand, natural wood shaker style kitchen cupboards might look out of place in a newly-built smart home. The designer kitchen cabinets you choose should be able to still look great and perform effectively for many years in the future. You don’t want to have to upgrade in just five years because the design you picked went out of style. You also don’t want to go too simple with your South Coast kitchen cabinets, especially if you plan on selling your home in the next few years.

How to Find the Right Balance

Choosing the right options for your Providence kitchen remodeling project can be difficult. Whether you work with a contractor or do it all yourself, it pays to take your time and consider the ramifications of your choices. You will want to pick South Coast kitchen cabinets that are timeless and will continue looking great for many years to come. Remodeling a kitchen is a significant investment, not just financially, but also in the time that you spend working on design selections and getting everything installed. You might choose a more conservative style that offers a look that matches the architecture of your home, yet offers all of the modern conveniences of high-end designer kitchen cabinets. This would help you to create a well-balanced space that brings together the advantage of both options.

Regardless of the type you choose – traditional, classic, modern, or shaker style kitchen cupboards – it is important to remember that these are the big-ticket items of the kitchen. Outside of new appliances, the cabinets that you choose will make up a significant portion of your Providence kitchen remodeling budget and will also be the first thing that most people see when they visit your home. One example that blends a timeless look with a modern twist is our Trenton Designer Kitchen Series. It features ivory paint for a clean look that goes with many of today’s style trends, soft-close hinges, dovetail full-extension soft-close drawers, and a popular recessed panel door style. Our cabinets are made from all wood construction and feature a full-overlay design for long-lasting, great looks and durability.

Why Trendy Can Be a Negative

No one wants to have an outdated home. They want to be considered trendy or at least on-trend by their family and friends who see what they have accomplished with their Providence kitchen remodeling project. However, the term “trendy” itself can have some negative connotations. Think about the trendy kitchens from the 1960s that featured avocado and goldenrod appliances and textured wallpaper. The look was outdated in just a few short years as Americans quickly moved away from these colors and styles. Outside of the Brady Bunch house, you would have a hard time finding these hues used in homes today. You don’t want someone to look at your house ten or twenty years from now and say, “that’s so 2020s” and consider it to be old-fashioned or outdated.

You can still have all of the stylish decorative pieces that you want to make a statement in your new kitchen. The point is to be wary about investing significant dollars into South Coast kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances that are more difficult to replace. Lighting fixtures, window treatments, colorful linens, and decorative items can be switched out much easier. They will help you to convey your appreciation for a certain color-scheme or trend without going overboard. Choose timeless patterns, colors, and styles for your designer kitchen cabinets that will keep your new kitchen looking fresh and inviting for many years to come. Clean lines without a lot of decorations, backsplash tiles that match the style of the cabinets, and coordinating countertops can go a long way toward creating a classic Rhode Island kitchen that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

Which Style is Right for You?

The best way to pick the best South Coast kitchen cabinets for your remodeling project is to consider all of your options and think about how they would work in your home. Think about the design and architecture of your home, the decor of the overall house as a whole, and the styles that you appreciate as an individual. Browse our wide selection of modern, classic, timeless, and shaker style kitchen cupboards and designer kitchen cabinets on our website and contact Cabinet Factory Outlet directly by calling 508-379-6154 with any questions you have about using our materials for Providence kitchen remodeling.

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