Designer Kitchen in Dartmouth: Best Ways to Keep It All Clean

Designer Kitchen in Dartmouth: Best Ways to Keep It All Clean

So you’ve done it – you’ve taken the plunge and decided to commit to a Dartmouth kitchen remodel. A lot of work goes into remodeling in Southeastern Massachusetts, from selecting all the materials to choosing the best kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories to really customize the look and feel. Saving money at the Cabinet Factory Outlet will provide you with more of your budget to spend on all those little extras that go into a designer kitchen in Dartmouth. Matching doorknobs, drawer pulls, and fancy European-style hinges will really make a big difference when it is all said and done. The only thing left to do – after picking out the flooring and countertops – is to learn how to keep it all clean.

Cleaning Products: Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing you will want to do is check with the manufacturer or warranty information about what products you can use to clean your new Dartmouth kitchen remodel materials. If you replaced everything, you might want to keep a “clean cheat sheet” with information about what products you can use and which products to avoid. For example, some materials can be cleaned with an all-purpose kitchen cleaner, which is great for wiping down counters, cleaning up spills, and general day-to-day cleaning. The issue usually comes when it’s time to deep clean the flooring, clean up a greasy mess from the backsplash, or do a thorough cleaning on the cabinets and kitchen fixtures.

If you don’t have any information from the manufacturer on what is safe to use for cleaning kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, you should be safe using a gentle cleaning solution. Abrasive cleaners are for sinks – not cabinets in your new designer kitchen in Dartmouth. You can make a simple cleaning solution with one part, mild dishwashing soap, and two parts hot water. Some people recommend using a similar mixture of distilled white vinegar and hot water, especially for greasy and grimy areas. Use a spray bottle and a soft cloth-like microfiber to wipe each cabinet door from top to bottom. Don’t over-saturate the wood, but spray on enough to do the job. Make sure you wipe the cabinet completely dry after cleaning, paying attention to trim, molding, and other areas where dust can collect.

What About Tough Stains and Sticky Spots?

There are certain situations where soap and water just won’t do the trick. Instead of reaching for a commercial product that might damage your new cabinets after remodeling in Southeastern Massachusetts, choose a baking soda solution. Industry experts recommend making a paste with one part baking soda and two parts water. Apply to dirty spots with a clean, dry cloth and allow the paste to sit for a few minutes. It will soak up the grease and grime, allowing you to wipe it away with a damp cloth. You should go back and wipe the spot again with a cloth dampened in water to remove any residual baking soda and then dry the spot with a microfiber cloth.

Deep cleaning is not just for the exterior surfaces of your new cabinets, but should also include the inside shelving, hinges, hardware, and countertops. Start by removing everything from the cupboard and wipe down the shelves and inside of all drawers, cabinets, and base cabinets completely. You can use a manufacturer recommended cleaner or any of the solutions mentioned above to clean the interior areas of the cabinets. This is a great time to go through all the things you store in there and get rid of anything you don’t use. Instead of hanging onto three waffle makers, two food processors, and a stack of skillets that haven’t seen the light of day in months, consider whittling it down to the basics plus a couple of extras that you might want just in case.

Stay on Top of Cleaning Schedules

The best way to care for your Dartmouth kitchen remodel is to stay on top of a good cleaning schedule and make sure you don’t neglect a good spring and fall deep cleaning. Remodeling in Southeastern Massachusetts can be a real challenge, especially when renovating an entire kitchen space, but the results are very rewarding. Take good care of your new designer kitchen in Dartmouth and enjoy all those kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories. If you are still shopping for materials, stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea or contact our team directly by calling 508-379-6154 to get directions or learn about our hours.

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