Shaker Style Kitchen Cupboards: Providence Kitchen Remodel

Shaker Style Kitchen Cupboards: Providence Kitchen Remodel

shaker style kitchen cupboardsSimple and timeless, many homeowners choose to install shaker style kitchen cupboards and base cabinets for many reasons. This classic design looks great in nearly any type of architectural style of home. If you are looking for a traditional option for kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island that will stand the test of time and provide a solid return on investment, shaker cabinetry could be right for you. There are no limits to the color options available for these all wood construction cabinets. While the classic color is white or off-white, particularly when used in Cape Cod or New England design, other colors range from natural wood hues to gray, and just about everything else in between.

What is Your Kitchen Design Theme?

There are many different types of themes used in modern kitchen decor today. Popular trends may come and go, but many classic ideas persist to come back again and again. Shaker style kitchen cupboards have a long history with American homeowners and are believed by many in the design world to be the most classic style of all wood construction cabinets. Whether you have a traditional, transitional, contemporary, or modern look and feel for your Providence kitchen remodel, shaker kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island can work with your decor. Easy to keep clean, streamlined for all types of design trends, and perfect in just about any color or stain you could imagine, this is why shaker style cabinets are considered classic. You can freely invest in updating your cabinets in this style without fear that they will be considered old-fashioned or outdated in just a few years.

A Long History of Shaker Cupboards

Believe it or not, the history of shaker style kitchen cupboards comes from a religious movement. In the 1880s, during the American colonial period, there was a group known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. They were known to locals as Shakers, due to their active worship lifestyle. This group held onto many beliefs that are still popular in modern American society today, including simplicity, utility, self-sufficiency, and honesty. All of these beliefs are part of the minimalist design seen in shaker style kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island. The furniture is honest and well-made, typically high-quality, all wood construction cabinets that are designed to last and perform for many years. These cabinet-makers were also some of the first to support the idea of built-in cabinetry for homeowners.

Similar to Amish and other exclusive religious cultures, the Shakers worked to be self-sufficient and separate themselves from the outside world, choosing to construct their own buildings, tools, and furnishings instead. The Shakers began producing extra furniture and materials to be sold so they could provide income for their community. The influence of the aesthetic seen in kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island, as well as utilitarian tables and chairs created by the Shakers, can be seen in the world of design today. Many cabinets that are produced by manufacturers outside of the Shaker community embrace the original design of this furniture. A five-piece door that features a recessed center panel with no beading, carving, or unnecessary ornamentation is what most people think of when they consider shaker style cabinets. This makes these cabinets affordable to consumers and very cost-effective for manufacturers, providing opportunities for using better quality materials.

Invest in All Wood Construction Cabinets

One way to save money on future Providence kitchen remodel projects is to invest in quality kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island right now. If you are making plans for remodeling or renovation work in your home, investing in quality, all wood construction cabinets that are classic in design can help to reduce future costs when upgrades are needed. Traditional shaker style kitchen cupboards can go well with just about any type of decor and, when you purchase your cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can also save upfront on the initial costs for materials. We have a wide range of shaker style options that can be used to create an impressive kitchen in your South Coast home. Your next remodel might only involve updating the flooring, appliances, and fixtures, providing you with the opportunity to reduce costs by simply repainting or recovering the existing materials.

With more than 100 years of proven quality and long-lasting durability, shaker style kitchen cupboards are the perfect choice for your remodeling project. Choose from natural wood finishes, including maple, oak, and cherry, as well as a painted version with traditional white, off-white, and cream, along with other colorful selections. If you are interested in learning more about our kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island, contact the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA, by calling 508-379-6154 to get directions to our showroom or to hear our store hours. Call today with any questions you might have about our all wood construction cabinets for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

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