Most Popular Color Combinations for Westport Bathroom Remodel

Most Popular Color Combinations for Westport Bathroom Remodel

westport bathroom remodelOnce upon a time, homeowners were limited in the colors available for solid maple bathroom vanities. It seemed as though the only options were natural wood, stark white, and the occasional dark wood. In recent years, designers have opened a whole new door into bathroom remodeling, bringing in colors that were once unheard of in modern homes. While a wood bathroom vanity in Westport is still immensely popular, providing long-lasting durability and a wide range of designer styles to homes everywhere, new colors of wood cabinetry have emerged. In keeping with the decorative trends of recent years, it is possible to find not only plain white, but off-white and cream options for your Westport bathroom remodel. A variety of medium natural wood colors, stains, and varieties are also quite popular with designers and homeowners alike. Darker woods, including cherry and espresso options, can be seen in many styles to provide contrast and elegance to just about any home.

Should Bathroom and Bedroom Colors Match?

This is an age-old question and really is no longer a concern with modern decorating trends. It is possible to see a variety of wood colors and types used in a single room design, so it is not unusual to see a master bedroom and bathroom not decorated in the same color scheme and style. You only need to match the two if that is what you want to do. Many homeowners even choose different types of flooring, such as a bamboo wood floor in the bedroom and a natural travertine tile in the bathroom to further separate the space. That being said, you also do not need to match the cabinets in your Westport bathroom remodel with the cabinets in the living room. While this used to be a design trend, many designers have eliminated this technique, as homeowners felt that it was a way to simplify the décor or reduce costs by purchasing cabinets in bulk. Each room can be decorated with a different color scheme, style, and type, as long as it works with the overall architectural design of the home.

What About the 60-30-10 Rule?

Some decorators would choose all materials, from the solid maple bathroom vanities and cabinets to kitchen and bathroom countertops, using what was known as the 60-30-10 rule. This designer rule dictated that 60 percent of a room should be a single, dominant color, while the other 30 percent should be a second color or texture that complemented the first. The final ten percent was dedicated as an accent color. While this might be recommended for kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms, it is not required for bathrooms. Many bathrooms have white porcelain fixtures or tiles of a specific hue that could, all on their own, make up the majority 60 percent of the space. That only leaves the designer or homeowner with 30 percent for a complementary color and 10 percent for accent. Without additional color and texture to add depth in a large master bathroom space, the décor might look uneven or sparse. However, once again, it should be the homeowner who dictates the color scheme and amount of color used.

Which Colors are Best for Bathrooms?

Depending on the architectural style and layout of your bathroom, you might opt for traditional white, which is quite easy to clean and keep clean or go with another color of choice. Lighter shades are highly recommended for small bathrooms, as darker colors can make the space seem even smaller. Light greens, pale blues, soft greys, and buttery yellows are frequently chosen for walls, flooring, and even a bathroom vanity in Westport. Darker hues can be used as accent colors or to create contrast in backsplash materials, wall tile, window treatments, and light fixtures. Make sure to select colors that will work well together. Even dark brown woods like espresso and cherry can work in a mostly white bathroom space as long as there are accents that work to provide contrast. Shades of white and grey in tile work and flooring can help to reduce the stark differences between the white fixtures and the dark cabinetry.

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