Top 5 Reasons Why Homeowners Do a Providence Kitchen Remodel

Top 5 Reasons Why Homeowners Do a Providence Kitchen Remodel

kitchen cabinets in providence rhode islandWhen should a home be remodeled? How much should you invest in all wood construction cabinets? How important is new flooring in a Providence kitchen remodel? Where can you buy quality kitchen materials in Rhode Island at affordable prices? If you have been thinking about upgrading your South Coast kitchen cabinets and other features, it is essential to take a minute to think about why you want to do this. Some people can afford to remodel simply because they are tired of the color scheme or layout of the space, while others need to be more cautious and find more tangible reasons for the renovation. Outdated cabinets, scratched and broken cupboards, chipped floor tile and countertops, or just a poorly designed kitchen with contractor-grade materials that make your feel like you live in a cheap apartment – these are just some of the reasons that we hear from customers about why they have decided to remodel their homes.

Reason #1 – Improve Function and Convenience

Some kitchens really are just planned out poorly, while others have a design that shows the age of the home. Galley kitchens might have been popular when your grandmother bought her first home, but today’s kitchens are open, inviting, and have become the center of the home. If you have an awkward layout that does not allow you to do the things you want to do, it might be time to commit to a Providence kitchen remodel. A refrigerator that feels miles away from the counter space where you prepare food, and a sink that is too far away from the stove for draining pasta might be enough incentive to start shopping for South Coast kitchen cabinets.

Reason #2 – Changing Lifestyle and Needs

Your kitchen might have been perfect when you first bought your home, but now that your children are getting older, you need more space for everyone to hang out, do homework, and talk about their day. A simple layout might have been fine in the beginning, but now that you are active in the local community and enjoy entertaining family and friends, you need a space that reflects those changes. Even holiday parties once a year might be more enjoyable for everyone involved if you replaced our outdated cupboard with brand new all wood construction cabinets and opened up the space a little bit more. Just think of how much fun it will be to show off your new look and modern features when you install high-quality kitchen materials in Rhode Island.

Reason #3 – Changes in Your Decorative Style

As people get older and make changes in their lives, they tend to seek out new decorative styles, designs, and color schemes to reflect their new lifestyle in their homes. Perhaps you want that dream designer kitchen from the magazine or home décor magazine that you saw. Maybe you want to emulate a certain style that has become popular in your local area. Or it could just be that you are tired of an all-white kitchen and tile floors and would like to try something new. Remodeling your kitchen with designer all wood construction cabinets is a great way to make your home feel more comfortable. If you want a space that reflects you and who you are, a Providence kitchen remodel just might be the way to accomplish your goals.

Reason #4 – Increase Property Value

Another reason why many homeowners suddenly decide to remodel or upgrade their kitchen is to boost the property value. Whether you plan on selling your home soon or if you have a five-year or longer plan, taking time to renew outdated appliances, cabinetry, flooring, walls, and lighting can be a great way to increase your selling price. Studies show that a well-planned kitchen remodel that takes into consideration the local area and real estate values can get a significant return on investment. Many agents reveal that a new kitchen can increase the sale price of your home dollar for dollar, which is much higher than projects completed for other areas of the home. A new kitchen or new master bathroom can also be a selling point that might attract prospective buyers to your home instead of another similar home in the neighborhood that has not been modernized or upgraded.

Reason #5 – Improve Energy Efficiency

Even if your home is just ten years old or less, you might be able to make a marked improvement in reducing energy and water consumption with just a few upgrades. While you’re at it, it might be a good idea to also replace your old cabinets with beautiful South Coast kitchen cabinets that reflect your changing style. Energy-efficient lighting, task lighting, appliances, and more environmentally-friendly kitchen materials in Rhode Island can help you to save a significant amount of money over the lifetime of the upgraded space. Work with a consultant to find innovative ideas and options designed to reduce energy consumption and decrease the amount of water that you use for daily kitchen tasks.

Ready to Remodel Your Rhode Island Kitchen?

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